35+ Nursery Room Ideas For Your Growing Family (2024)

Get ready for your bundle of joy with a nursery that’s both practical and personal. By having the essentials ready to go in a space that you love, your little one’s arrival will be more relaxed and exciting. To help, we’ve curated beautiful and functional items for your nursery. Whether you’re decorating for a baby girl or baby boy room, here are 38 nursery room ideas you’ll love. From playmats and bookshelves to murals and wall decor, there’s something here that will make your baby’s room all their own.

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To add a personal touch, consider a name plaque or a photo nightlight. Even the smallest elements can bring joy to your day—and your precious moments with baby.

1. Photo Ledge

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Secure ledges in the nursery to display milestone photos and keepsakes, like baby shower invitations and baptism photos. Arrange succulents and artwork on the shelf for a well-rounded display.

2. Wall Mural

Add special character to your nursery with a mural that spans an entire wall. Whether it’s a woodland landscape or nautical scene, an expansive painting brings playful energy to the space. As baby grows, they can learn about the animals or colors on the mural—and appreciate your artistry.

3. Custom Photo Frame

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Personalize the baby’s room with a frame that’s made just for them. Engrave baby’s name, birth date and an uplifting message on a wooden frame. Place a favorite photo inside to finalize the piece, like a snapshot of the little one with their grandparents.

4. Pink And White Animals

Looking for nursery room ideas for girls? Consider a simple color palette like pink and white. These complementary tones create a calming, feminine aura that can be incorporated with paint colors, decor and accessories like stuffed animals.

5. Star Theme

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Put your little one to sleep under the stars. Design everything with a twinkle. Consider creating a stellar garland out of cardstock and twine, or an accent wall with metallic stars.

6. Name Decals

Customize the nursery with your little one’s name. Create a large name decal out of paint or washi tape. Hang the letters above their crib or changing table for a personal touch you’ll enjoy daily.

7. Framed Photo Collage

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Fill the walls of the nursery with favorite family moments. Gather together snapshots and portraits to create a framed photo collage. This simple DIY bedroom decor will brighten the room—and your spirit—every time you look at it.

8. Two-Toned Walls

Paint the bottom half of the nursery walls a different color than the top half. A two-toned design adds depth and personality to the room. As you decorate the nursery with art and stuffed animals, incorporate your chosen paint colors for a cohesive look.

9. Personalized Plaque

The best nursery room ideas are ones with a personal touch. Design a custom plaque that can rest on the dresser or a ledge in the nursery. Choose a heartfelt photo for the plaque, like a snapshot of dad and baby.

10. Map Wall

Collect maps of inspiring places, whether that’s your home state or a country you’d like to visit. Pin the maps across a single wall in the nursery. As baby grows, he or she can learn about the world and all of your favorite places.

11. Adventure Mobile

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Help entertain and soothe baby to sleep with a custom mobile hanging above their crib. Cut out shapes of mountains, animals and cacti, then hang the ornaments from a wooden dowel using twine.

12. Pineapple Patterns

DIY room decor can be both simple and enchanting. A delightful pattern, like one with pineapples, brings a fun, relaxed vibe to the nursery. Choose a pineapple paper for an accent wall, then accessorize with similar colors and tones.

13. Jungle Theme

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Set the nursery’s mood to playful. Curate wall art, baby blankets and stuffed animals that match a jungle theme. Giraffes, hedgehogs and tigers make for fun nursery mates.

14. Modern Chic

Nursery room ideas don’t have to feel babyish. Opt for a chic, timeless style by including modern wood furniture and shelving. Complement the brown tones with green shades like jade and chartreuse.

15. Owl Friends

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Looking to incorporate your woodland baby shower theme into the nursery? Cut owls out of cardstock or wood, then hang them from faux plant stems. This charming accessory goes well next to woodland wall art or a tree mural.

16. Bright Vibe

Choose a vibrant color, like yellow or lime green, to build your nursery decor. Include pops of colors in your wall art, lamps and rugs. Keep the rest of your palette neutral, so the bright tone can truly shine.

17. Quilted Playmat

Perfect for a baby boy or baby girl room, a quilted playmat gives baby ample space to roam and practice tummy time. Choose a fabric with a playful pattern, like zebras or cacti, then place cotton batting between the layers of fabric for comfort.

18. Cactus Plants

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Bring fresh life to the nursery with cactus plants. These plants are easy to maintain and offer a healing vibe to the space. Expand on this theme with cactus wall decals or baby blankets.

19. Neutral Tones

The color scheme for this nursery is beautifully neutral. With sandy brown and white as the main players, the aura is airy and tranquil. Add accents, like hanging indoor plants and wall decals, for a charming touch.

20. Beach Theme

Looking for baby room ideas that can grow with your little one? Construct a beach ensemble. Hang artwork that showcases the waves and shoreline. Choose blankets, rugs and stuffed animals with ocean colors, like sandy yellow, pastel blue and aqua.

21. Padded Crib Rail Cover

Rather than gnawing on the rail of their crib, give baby something safe and soft to chew on when they’re teething. Sew a padded crib rail guard out of flannel fabric and cotton batting. They’ll be protected from nibbling on wood and paint.

22. Sense Of Adventure

Instill a love of travel and adventure in your little one. Pin a world map behind their crib and choose a festive crib mobile, like one with hot air balloons. Your baby’s sense of wonder will grow each time they enter the room.

23. Comfy Rocker And Footstool

Create a comfy place to feed, snuggle and read with baby. Place a rocker or recliner in the corner of the room, and ensure you have a place to put your feet up. Add a footstool or recover an ottoman to match your ensemble.

24. Feminine Tones

When looking for baby room themes, consider the aura you want to create. If it’s dainty and delightful, opt for feminine colors, like pink, sherbet orange and sandy blonde.

25. Gallery Wall

Not sure how to decorate the walls of the nursery? Try a gallery wall, complete with family photos and artwork. As baby grows, the artwork they create can hang above their dresser or changing table.

26. Block Letters

Paint wooden blocks with the letters of your little one’s name and arrange them on a shelf in the nursery. Add detailing, like flowers or stars, to make the blocks cheerful and educational.

27. Statement Wall

Add dimension to your nursery with an accent wall. Paint a short repeated phrase like “XOXO” or “LOVE.” Opt for a single color of paint for simplicity, or incorporate multiple tones for a more playful vibe.

28. Pallet Bookshelves

Repurpose wooden pallets into bookshelves for the nursery. Screw knobs onto the shelves to hang items like backpacks and hats. This nursery room idea is as nifty as it is practical.

29. Decorative Organizer Bins

Keep clutter—and stress—out of the nursery. Decorate cloth storage bins with a fun pattern like birds or hearts. Stack the bins in the closet to store everything from shoes and bibs to burp cloths and blankets.

30. Mid-Century Modern

Aim for a mid-century modern look with clean lines and minimalist furniture. Accent the space with a decorative rug and bookshelf arrangement. You’ll have a functional nursery that also offers plenty of character.

31. Nursery Banner

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Looking for baby shower decorations that double as nursery decor? Sew triangles of scrap fabric on a piece of ribbon to form a festive garland. Once the baby shower is over, hang the garland above the baby’s crib or changing table.

32. Wicker Baskets

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An organized nursery makes for smoother days with baby. Wicker baskets are timeless pieces that match almost any nursery decor. Store essentials in the baskets, like extra crib sheets or burp cloths.

33. Crate Shelves

Placed on their sides, wooden crates make for great shelving units. Stack a few crates on top of each other to store things like books, and display items like family keepsakes and stuffed animals.

34. Giant Wall Heart

35+ Nursery Room Ideas For Your Growing Family (38)

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Fill the nursery with big love. Paint a large heart on the wall behind the crib. Choose metallic paint to make your love shine.

35. Decorative Shelf

Nursery room ideas aren’t just about practicality—they’re about bringing personality and joy to the room. Install a shelf for displaying keepsakes, artwork and plants. The best part: you can switch out the decor and photos anytime.

36. Wizard Wonderland

35+ Nursery Room Ideas For Your Growing Family (40)

Source: PMQ for Two

If you’re in the market for nursery room ideas that can transform into toddler room ideas as they grow up, consider a wizard theme. Wands, magic globes and owls can adorn the space—giving baby plenty of room to exercise their imagination.

37. Crochet Baskets

35+ Nursery Room Ideas For Your Growing Family (41)

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Crochet baskets out of a sturdy yarn to help organize the nursery must-haves, like diaper paste, baby shampoo and lotion. These baskets are cute and useful—you might find yourself making more of them.

38. Moon Light

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Whether you’re changing baby in the middle of the night or soothing them to sleep, a soft night light illuminates the room enough without waking baby. This moon-shaped light hung above the changing table is simple yet oh so playful.

As you welcome your bundle of joy into the world, remember to include loved ones in your journey. Send a birth announcement to family and friends to let them know how excited you are for your new little life.

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35+ Nursery Room Ideas For Your Growing Family (2024)
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