Information Technology (2024)

Building: 329
Phone Numbers: Listed below
Duty Hours: 6 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Information Technology Mission Statement


Serve as the principal advisor on matters concerning the use of information technology to enable and enhance the business operations and functions of CNIC. Provide strategic and tactical support to all other departments aboard CBC Gulfport in support of the fleet, fighter and families.


Be the premier provider of efficient and effective IT services at CBC Gulfport. Proactively plan for and quickly respond to the business and technical requirements of our customers by delivering cost-effective and efficient IT service and solutions enabling customers to effectively perform their business function.

IT Director (228) 871-2030
NMCI ACTR (228) 871-3171
Network and Telecommunication (228) 871-2056
Webmaster (228) 871-2001
Assistant IM (228) 871-4848
VTC Support (228) 871-4848
Cellular Phone / Telephone Work Requests (228) 871-2001
Fax (228) 871-2068

General Information

How to get an NMCI account

1. New CBC User

Call the Government Enterprise Support Center at 1-888-264-4255. Press option #2 then option #1

2. They will ask you for information concerning your new command.

Command Address
Command Building #
Command Phone #
The room # where your computer seat is located.
They will ask for someone in your Command who has an NMCI account to verify this request.

Current NMCI User

If you are moving from another command to CBC Gulfport:

1. Call the Government Enterprise Support Center at 1-888-264-4255press option #2
2. Request a “logical move” from your previous command and move to CBC Gulfport, UIC 62604

IA Training Is Requried

  • New Users will be provided basic IA training through the IT departmentat 228-871-4848prior to obtaining access to Navy IT Resources
  • Information Technology (IT) will provide (at a minimum) annual IA training to all users. This training will be provided and tracked viaNavy Knowledge Online (NKO)
  • Users not authorized NKO access (e.g., CTR’s, F/N’s) will be tracked though the total workforce management systems (TWMS).

Training is a vital part of a successful Defense in Depth strategy.

System Authorization Access Request Navy (SAAR’N)

All Users will complete and sign a OPNAV 5239/14 Executive Order 1045,9397: and Public Law 99-474 the computer fraud and Abuse Act. record is for the purpose Of validating the trustworthiness of Individuals requesting access to the Department of Defense (DOD) systems and Information. This form is obtained from the IT department, building 329. This record will be maintained in paper form.

This is the link for all employees to access their TWMS Self service account:Total Workforce Management Services (TWMS)

First time users will be prompted to confirm their social and date of birth BUT will not be asked to enter a login or password. TWMS compares the official employee record data to the data encrypted on the CAC card and verifies the identity before the employee's record comes up.

Go to and click the Online Training link located on the left side of the page under navigation - then select 2009 IA training.

If any question(s), please call 871-4848.

How to Obtain a Common Access Card (CAC)

  • All eligible personnel should report to the PSD office located in Building 118 to obtain a CAC card.
  • Bring a current photo ID card
  • An official second photo ID
  • An official government e-mail address
  • A 6-8 digit numeric PIN that you select
  • If you are a “Contractor” you must have your info put into the CVS program by
  • CBC Security Dept. or your CVS Operator.(Only applies to contractors)

Useful Web Sites

Prohibited uses of Navy IT Resources

To ensure the integrity, safety, and security of Navy IT resources, and to comply with applicable regulation when using government- provided IT services or systems, I will not:

  • Use commercial web based e-mail (e.g. Hot mail, Yahoo!, Google, etc.) for official business.
  • Access commercial web based e-mail (e.g. Hot mail, Yahoo!, Google, etc,) for personal use without prior written approval from the Navy Operational DAA.
  • Auto-Forward government e-mail to a commercial e-mail account. Government e-mail may be manually forwarded to a commercial e-mail account only after thorough review to ensure all data is unclassified, non-sensitive (e.g. no FOUO, Privacy Act, OPSEC, etc.) and appropriate.
  • Install any hardware or software and /or modify any Navy IT resource without prior approval from the local IA authority or IAM.
  • Relocate or change network connectivity of equipment without IAM authorization.
  • Circumvent, disable, bypass, strain, or test security measures, countermeasures, or safeguard mechanisms. If IA mechanisms must be bypassed, I will coordinate the procedure with the IAM and receive written approval prior to initiating the IA mechanism bypass.
  • Participate in or contribute to any activity resulting in a potential or actual disruption or denial of service.
  • Write, code, compile, store, transmit, transfer, or introduce malicious software, programs or code.
  • Download files not needed for official use unless specifically authorized by my IAM. If in doubt, I will first consult with my IAM.
  • Attempt to access or process data or use operating systems or programs, except as specifically authorized.
  • Upload or download. exe,. com,. vbs, or. bat files without prior written authorization from the IAM or local IA authority.
  • Engage in spamming, unauthorized chatting, and unauthorized file sharing, gambling, wagering, hacking, or posting of personal home pages.
  • Engage in any activity whose purpose is personal or commercial financial gain (e.g., solicitation of business services, sale of personal property, online stock trading, etc.).
  • Participate in the forwarding or creation of chain letters or use bandwidth-intensive applications (e.g. web radio, sports or stock tickers, online games, etc.) for unofficial business.
  • Engage in no activity fraudulent or malicious intent or illegal under international, federal, state, or local laws.
Information Technology (2024)
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