How To Find Out If My Driver’s license Is Suspended? ❤️ (2023)

How To Find Out If My Driver’s license Is Suspended? If you suspect that your driver’s license got suspended, you can confirm by contacting your local DMV office or police department.

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No one can drive a vehicle on a public road unless he has a driver’s license. However, there are some instances where driver licenses might get suspended for various reasons. Sometimes, one might not yet know that his driver’s license got suspended unless he’s pulled over by a police officer.

Driving a vehicle with a suspended driver’s license involves a lot of complicated legal issues. For example, you might get fined, your vehicle might get towed to an impound, or you might get arrested in some scenarios depending on your own story.

Learning about finding out if your driver’s license is suspended or not is extremely important. It helps you prevent dealing with legal situations, and it also keeps you up to date with your license status.

This article will provide you with all the details about how to find out if your driver’s license is suspended or not. It will also highlight some additional information about driver’s licenses in general that you should be aware of as a driver.

How To Find Out If My Driver’s license Is Suspended? ❤️ (2)

What is the driver’s license?

As you might already know, the driver’s license is a legal document indicating that you can drive your car on public roads. Therefore, every person who has a valid driver’s license should drive their vehicles on US public roads.

Typically, you need to be at least 16 years old to get a valid driver’s license. However, some states are stricter and do not allow teenagers to get a license unless they are 18 or more. However, some other states might allow kids starting age 13 or 14 to start driving while having some supervision.

However, there are some instances where people get s involved in certain violations that might get their license suspended. These violations differ significantly and might be extremely major.

Many of the licensed suspensions might be related to driving rules. For instance, if you fail to follow certain rules, you can get your license suspended in certain instances. That's why before you get a valid driver’s license, you are recommended to go to a driving school or take certain classes to help you understand all the rules and prevent yourself from getting involved in these situations.

While many people who get their driver’s license suspended work on reinstating them, plenty of other drivers continue driving their vehicles while knowing that they can't do so. That's why police officers will do different actions that vary from fines to arrests.

What are the different types of driver’s licenses?

Driver’s licenses are not the same, and that's why certain people are allowed to drive larger vehicles but not everybody. Let's take a closer look at the common types of driver’s licenses in the United States:

1. Noncommercial driver’s license

The most common type of driver’s license is not commercial. As the name suggests, these driver licenses allow drivers to drive any regular car but not commercial vehicles.

Depending on the driver’s license letter, you might be allowed to drive certain vehicles. For example, if the driver’s license has a letter m, it means that you are allowed to drive motorcycles. However, if it has the letter c, it means that you can drive a car.

If you have a driver’s license with the letter A, it indicates that you can drive larger vehicles up to 26,000 pounds. Not that these regulations divert significantly depending on your state, and that's why you must review your state's regulations before getting a final answer about what type of vehicles you are allowed to drive.

2. Commercial driver’s licenses

Have you ever heard about the CDL driver’s license? Those are the specific driver’s licenses that allow you to drive a larger car. There are also different letters associated with every type of CDL driver’s license.

For example, you might have a class c CDL driver’s license, which means you're allowed to drive vehicles up to 16 passengers. On the other hand, if your driver’s license says class B CDL, it means that you can drive vehicles like dump trucks or buses.

How to find out if my driver’s license is suspended?

Later in this article, we will highlight many reasons where your driver's license might get suspended. However, when this happens, you might not immediately know whether your driver’s license is suspended or not. That's why you might ask yourself, “how to find out if my lessons played the suspended?”

Luckily, certain ways help you determine the status of your driver’s license. Let's take a look at the following recommendations by automotive experts:

1. Contact the local DMV office

One of the easiest and best ways to figure out whether your driver's license is suspended or not is by contacting your local DMV office. You can either visit them in person, give them a call, or probably investigate the local website to see if there's a way to do things online.

Once you get to the local DMV office, you'll need to provide some information confirming your identity, and there might be some fees that you'll have to figure out by reaching out to them.

2. Check with the police department

Suppose you could not get information about whether your driver's license or not from the local DMV office; you can check out with the police department. Sometimes there might be some pending information that didn't get to the local DMV office, and that's where the police department might be a more accurate location to get information.

Similar to the local DMV office, you'll have to provide some information confirming your identity to the police officers so you can request the details.

3. Resolve issue

In some situations, your driver’s license might be suspended because of issues that need to be resolved. For example, if you fail to register your car on time, it might impact your driver’s license here. Therefore, you want to figure out the issue causing them to suspend their driver’s license so you can work on a game plan to resolve the problem and get your license reinstated again.

Reasons for suspending driver’s licenses.

It is critical for you as a driver to understand the different reasons that could get your driver’s license suspended. Typically, it's not going to be a simple thing that you will get your driver’s license suspended. It must be a relatively large violation that might be related to your driving or not.

Let's take a closer look at the different types of reasons where your driver’s license might get suspended:

1. Child support payments issues

One of the first and most common reasons for your driver's license to get suspended is failure to pay child support payments. If you are delinquent on certain child support in some states, it might get you to a point where you lose your driver’s license.

Note that not every state applies this rule, and you'll need to check with your local DMV office to confirm.

2. Alcohol-related issues

There are many ways to get your driver’s license suspended due to alcohol. For instance, you might lose your driver’s license for drinking alcohol when you're underage, and also, if you're completely drunk and as a certain level of alcohol in your blood, you also lose your driver’s license.

3. Illegal activities

If you use your driver’s license for any illegal thing, you'll get your license suspended. So, for example, if you fake the information about your license, you might lose your driver’s license and get involved in bigger legal issues.

4. Drug offenses

Drug offenses can also get your license suspended, and details about this issue can be found on your local state DMV website.

5. Student loan related issues

In some scenarios, your driver's license might get suspended because of issues related to your student loan. Note that not every student loan and not every time you skip the payment, you'll get your driver’s license suspended. Therefore, you'll need to make some research related to your state and the amount of money you borrowed from the lender to figure out whether this will impact your driver’s license status or not

6. Bad checks consequences

If you've ever written a bad check that got bounced back or resulted in illegal issues, you can easily lose your driver’s license.

7. Late state payments

If you own a certain amount to your state, your driver’s license might get suspended, and that's why you'll need to review your state's regulations to understand the amount exactly. In other words, review your state's regulations to understand whether the amount you owe the state can result in suspending your license or not.

How to reinstate a suspended driver’s license?

Suppose you've confirmed that your driver’s license is in suspenders; you'll need to take immediate action and work on reinstating it. However, it is important to note that your driver's license might be suspended and revoked, which is a completely different situation and will significantly impact the way you reinstate your suspended license.

While your options might differ significantly depending on your state, there is a very common general approach that most states might require. Let's look at your options:

1. If your driver's license is suspended

Let's assume that your driver's license is just suspended because of a ticket or a simple issue. Then, tickets your driving list is reinstated, you'll have to figure out what station is causing the suspension and take care of it.

For example, if you need to pay a certain fee is, you must do so. Similarly, if you have a ticket that you all have, you must pay it in the first place before moving any step further.

If you resolved the issue that caused your driver’s license to be suspended, you'd then need to visit your local DMV office and fill the required form to reinstate your driver’s license. There is detailed guidance on every local DMV website about how to do so and the different types of documentation needed. You might want to get information about how much you must pay the required fees as well.

We also encourage you to reach out to the local DMV office and get an idea about how long it will take until you get your reinstated driver’s license because the timeline might affect your life and how you want to move forward.

2. If your driver's license is revoked

Unfortunately, if your driver’s license is revoked, it cannot be easy to get it reinstated. There should be some additional legal steps involving certain investigations and might require a lawyer who understands all the details.

Once you figure out a game plan with a lawyer, you'll need to fill out a form and submit it either online or in-person, depending on your state. The form involves critical steps that you'll have to follow carefully to complete the process successfully and get your driver’s license reinstated.

How to find out if my driver’s license is suspended? Final thoughts

Your driver’s license is an extremely important document that you must have valid all the time. Different reasons could get your license suspended, which we highlighted in this article.

Understanding whether your driver's license is suspended or not is important to prevent you from getting involved in legal issues. This article provided you with different ways to help you answer the question “how to find out if my driver’s license is suspended?”

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