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Whether you are a car salesman, an insurance salesman, or have your own business, the ability to sell is becoming more and more essential. Even when applying for jobs you have to be able to sell yourself!

Udemy has thousands of online courses on sale that you can sign up for and try today. We have selected some Udemy sales courses that will help your essential sales skills and business development and allow you to excel in your career.

Find out more below the best Udemy courses on sale and learn the art of lead generation!

1. B2B Sales Masterclass: People-Focused Selling

There is more to sales than simply convincing clients that you have a product that they want. B2B Sales Masterclass has been created for people who want to learn more about sales.

This course is focused on ensuring that you are the most effective and authentic salesperson that you can be. Led by InsideSales Top 10 Sales Leader Kevin Dorsey, this course is jam-packed with valuable information on the world of sales.

Even how to sell when you can’t see the customer directly!

2. Sales Training: Practical Sales Techniques

Selling techniques are all about asking people what they want and then offering a solution. Sales situations will arise in every employment, whether you’re trying to sell yourself at a job interview or trying to sell something to a customer.

In this course, you will learn to feel confident in your skills, master different sales techniques, and understand body language.

Perfect for beginners wanting to learn the fundamentals of sales or anyone who interacts with customers on a daily basis.

3. Sales Skills & Negotiations Skills- Selling Masterclass

Are you looking to start your own business and want to know how to sell your own ideas and products? Then this Selling Masterclass is perfect for you.

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  • From zero to hero
  • Learn in your own time

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Across 17 modules you will learn how to find the right clients to sell to, handle objections, understand the sales process completely and so much more.

Whether you are a rookie in sales wanting to boost your business or are looking to expand your business, this course can help you. All you need is an interest in sales and the ability to put in the time and effort to really learn this course.

4. Sales and Persuasion Skills For Startups

Beginning a startup can be daunting, with so many elements to keep afloat it only takes one thing to fall and everything comes tumbling down. Don’t let your sales skills be the reason your business fails.

Sales and Persuasion Skills For Startups teach you how to get a yes by selling ‘off the page’ and how to turn your objections into opportunities.

Perfect for an individual or if you are looking to give your sales team some extra training.

5. The Complete Sales MBA: 10 Sales Skills Course in 1

15 Best Udemy Courses On Sale (High Rated & Most Popular) | EdWize (2)

Do you want to know more about the science behind sales report sales reps? The Complete Sales MBA digs deeper into the psychology behind sales.

From Netflix to Apple, everyone is using sales psychology to boost their leads and ensure they stay at the top. Why can’t you?

Over 10 modules, this course will teach you how to design a non-sales proposition that inspires desire and how to get the customer to chase you.

There is no need for a background in sales as this course teaches you everything you need to know!

6. People Skills: How People Tick & How To Read Them Instantly

Understanding people’s needs and wants is only part of sales. You need to know how people work and how to read them within a few seconds of interacting with them.

This course follows a simple learning process to help you understand human behavior. You will gain insight into understanding the way people work and even learn your own ‘8 Type’.

As you complete the course you will be able to change your behavior and communication to suit every individual interaction.

7. Sales and Selling with Emotional Intelligence

Providing an enriching customer experience is one way to attract customer loyalty and return sales.

Sales and Selling with Emotional Intelligence will allow you to build the skills to provide a positive customer experience that has customers coming back for more.

In just under 3 hours you can learn to identify four interaction styles that boost customer loyalty, analyze how your approach to selling affects your ability to close more sales and understand the value of emotional intelligence in sales and how to apply it to strengthen your connections with clients.

8. Sales Skills- How To Sell Value Instead of Price

If you find yourself having to often offer discounts to your customers in order to make sales, then you could be using the wrong sales strategy!

Sales Skills- How To Sell Value Instead of Price will show you how to negotiate the value of your products and keep the conversation away from the price.

If you have a sales basics and an understanding of business, this course will help increase your sales and profits!

9. Cold Calling for B2B Sales: How To Prospect Over The Phone

More often than not, body language and facial expressions are necessary to make a deal go through. However, it can be done over the phone.

This course shows you how! Understand the cold calling process to help improve your sales, know when and how to leave compelling voicemails, and learn sales strategies that make gatekeepers your ally.

Perfect for someone looking to excel in their sales career and climb the corporate ladder.

10. Sales Prospecting Fundamentals: A Complete Guide to Success

15 Best Udemy Courses On Sale (High Rated & Most Popular) | EdWize (3)

Prospecting is recognized as the most difficult step in the sales process by 40% of sales representatives. This course is where you should start if you are new to sales, are having trouble meeting your quota, or simply want to earn more money.

Through a series of worksheets, hands-on projects, and tutorial videos, this course will give you the skills to maximize your income and be a top salesperson at your company.

11. Supercharged Prospecting

Prospecting is the lifeblood of sales. If you can identify a prospect and turn them into a sale then you are onto success.

However, learning to identify prospects can be tricky. In this course, you’ll learn how to maintain control of the phone conversation while better than ever anticipating and handling objections.

You will also know how to calculate your success through a simple call-counting system.

Whether you are new to sales or want to increase your knowledge of prospecting, this course is for you.

12. Create B2B Sales Cold Calling Scripts & Value Propositions

Running your own business or even supervising a team can be overwhelming. This course will give you the skills to lead a successful sales team.

Create personalized cold calling scripts for your team to follow and even learn to create an elevator pitch to help sell your product!

In less than an hour, you can learn the skills to develop your own skills or your team’s to ensure your business’s success.

13. Learn Sales Skills: Practical Sales Techniques

Understanding people’s needs and listening to them is essential to successful sales. It goes beyond a conventional salesperson pushing their items on customers and engaging in one-way dialogue in a practical life coaching process.

You will learn the crucial processes in selling and how to hone your sales abilities in this course. In this day and age, having strong sales abilities is crucial. This is due to the fact that if you possess these abilities, you will be welcomed by everyone.

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  • 200,000+ online video courses
  • From zero to hero
  • Learn in your own time

"I am happy to learn in my free time after work."

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Anyone from beginners to experts can learn something from this course.

14. Sell More By Talking Less

From cold calling to prospecting, you could be working overtime to make a sale with no return. This course is about changing the world of sales, leaving you with more sales.

Packed full of tips and tricks to ensure you avoid the most common mistakes of sales, you will learn to close sales without feeling like you are being overborne and irritating.

Over 10 modules you can learn from some of the best salespeople in the world and become the best salesperson you can be!

15. Sales Skills: The Complete Closing-the-Sale Blueprint

You may have the skills to identify prospects yet find yourself falling short when it comes to closing the sales rep. This Udemy course can help you start to close those skills and increase your ratio.

Throughout this course, you will learn how to triple your closing rate, effectively pitch any product to customers, and identify how cognitive biases will influence your pitch.

All you need is curiosity and willingness to learn!

Final Thoughts

Learning the art of sales is no easy task. With so many elements of human behavior, it may seem impossible to become successful.

Udemy offers a wide range of sales courses allowing you to perfect your skills and develop your knowledge.

From entrepreneurs to sales teams, anyone looking to enter sales can learn from these most popular Udemy courses. Check out the 15 best Udemy sales courses above and begin learning today.

Try them out today and watch your career excel. All from the comfort of your own home!


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