12 Small Bathroom Ideas (2024)

Posted by Claire Davies on Thursday 30th May 2019, updated on Thursday 15th February 2024

12 Small Bathroom Ideas (1)

When it comes to cloakrooms, ensuites or even bathrooms, they can be quite tight for space. You can make yourbathroom look bigger and brighter with a cleverlythought-out design. We’ve put some ideas together to help you achieve your dream bathroom no matter how small it may be.

Shower bath

12 Small Bathroom Ideas (2)

This seems like one of the most obvious choices if you’re looking to enjoy a relaxing soak in the bath. Shower baths are a wonderful option if you can’t fit a separate bath and shower enclosure in your bathroom. You get the best of both worlds in one, and with that, it’s the best compromise.

We advise using a transparent shower screen as opposed to a frosted one. A frosted shower screen acts like a wall, making the room look smaller, whereas a clear screen keeps the room open. Bath screens are also more hygienic and easier to keep clean than shower curtains.


12 Small Bathroom Ideas (3)

Bathroom mirrors are always a good trick to making your bathroom feel bigger than it is. They reflect and multiply what’s in your room so try to keep the colour schemes light and airy to maximise a spacious atmosphere.

If your bathroom has a small window (or is windowless), then a mirror with built-in LED lights is a great way to give you some concentrated lighting without using the ceiling light.

Another option, if you have enough room, could be looking into getting a mirror cabinet. You'd be surprised by the number of things you can store in them which also clears up anything that clutters the room.

Bath storage panel

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Often, people forget about the space you lose around your bath when you add side panels, however, if you opt for a bath storage panel, there’s plenty of space for cleaning products or toiletries to be hidden away. And don’t worry - they’re fully lockable and safe for all the family.

As well as being good for storage, if you need to do any maintenance work under your bath then you also have a quick access point.

Toilet with sink on top

12 Small Bathroom Ideas (5)

If you’re looking for clever small toilet and basin solutions, then a toilet with a sink on top is a no-brainer. Perfect for small spaces, this unit provides both your toilet and basin in one, helping you to save money too.

What’s more any water used to wash your hands in the basin is recycled and reused to flush the toilet, making it a wonderful eco-friendly option too.

Heated towel rail

12 Small Bathroom Ideas (6)

Heated towel rails have had a big impact on bathroom design over the last few years. They’re stylish and come in a range of different sizes to suit your bathroom. As well as being pleasing to the eye, they still do the jobs required - heat your room and dry your towels.

Unlike a standard radiator, heated towel rails take up less space as they are slim and hung vertically. This opens up a considerable amount of floor space giving you the option to adjust your suite and decor.

An ideal space for a heated towel rail in a small bathroom with a shower bath is on the wall at the opposite end of the shower. This fills what could have been unused wall space while making sure your towels are still far enough away from the shower not to get splashed every time someone has a wash.

Wet room

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Wet rooms are a great idea for bathrooms on the smaller side, allowing you to create a fully functional bathroom without the worry of not fitting everything in.

In a wet room, there’s no need for a shower enclosure or shower tray, just a dedicated shower area with a shower screen, helping to save space. A wet room can be costly and time-consuming to create, however, once fitted will create a wonderful space perfect for all the family, even those with mobility issues.

Wall hung furniture & ceramics

12 Small Bathroom Ideas (8)

Freeing up floor space in a bathroom is a great way to create a more spacious feeling and wall-hung furniture and ceramics are a great way to achieve this. From wall-hung basins and toilets to wall-hung vanity units, it’s possible to keep most of the floor space in your bathroom free. Not only does this help to make the room feel larger, but it will also help when cleaning or mopping the bathroom floor.

Light colour pallet

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Creating a light and bright colour pallet in a small bathroom is essential for making the room feel larger and more spacious. One of the best ways to create a light and bright bathroom is by using light-coloured gloss bathroom tiles, such as light grey, beige, or cream.

Whether you choose to tile all the walls in your bathroom or simply create a half-tiled feature wall, both options work well when light gloss tiles are chosen, helping to bounce both natural and artificial light around the room.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t add a touch of colour to the space. Perhaps paint the top half of a half-tiled wall in a brighter colour or simply add colour through towels and other bathroom accessories.

Toilet & basin vanity unit combination

12 Small Bathroom Ideas (10)

Another wonderful option for a small bathroom is a toilet and basin vanity unit. This includes both your toilet, typically with a back-to-wall unit and an adjoining vanity unit with a basin included.

This type of unit is available in a variety of shapes sizes and styles, some on the larger side and others ideal for small bathrooms. Smaller options tend to feature smaller basins and a small amount of storage space in the vanity unit, perfect for spare toilet rolls, soap, and other small bathroom essentials.

Clever lighting

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The choice of lighting in a small bathroom can make or break the space, especially if there’s no window. Spotlights are a great choice to create natural lighting but if you’re looking for direct light in areas above basins or by mirrors, there are plenty of wonderful options. From LED mirrors to gorgeous matching wall lights placed on either side of a mirror, you can’t go wrong.

Recessed shelving

12 Small Bathroom Ideas (12)

If you’re short on storage space or would rather keep the sides of your bath free from shower gels and shampoos, then a recessed shelf built into your shower wall is a great way to store these items in style.

A recessed shelf can be covered in the same tiles as the rest of your shower wall or in an individual colour or pattern to create a true statement. Bathroom wall panels are also a wonderful alternative.

Matching wall & floor tiles

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Choosing matching wall and floor tiles in a larger and lighter design can help to improve the feeling of space in a small bathroom. However, be sure to choose lighter-coloured tiles as if you go too dark you could end up making the room feel smaller, not larger.

If you’re using rectangular tiles, place them perpendicular to the length of your bathroom - the eye is drawn to lines and by doing this it will exaggerate the width distance.

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12 Small Bathroom Ideas (2024)
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